From Hollywood to Paradise

I’ve recently moved from LA to Idaho. As you might imagine, it’s very different – fewer people, more space, snow. … It’s been years since I’ve seen snow!  Now, here I am, looking out my window as the first flakes of a promised snowstorm drift lazily past my window.

The yard is mostly free of snow, the accumulation from the last storm having mostly melted in the last few days, except for a patch on the north side of the neighbor’s fence where it was shielded from the sun.

I’ve always loved being outside, even in LA, but here of course the mountains, fields and streams seem especially beautiful.

Here’s a photo I took shortly after I arrived a few weeks ago:


I plan to use this blog to share my experiences as I explore my new environment. Come enjoy with me.


One thought on “From Hollywood to Paradise

  1. Hi, Marc! I just dropped in after viewing your comment on the 101 Books post. Your new environment is beautiful! I, too, started a blog eight years ago when I moved from the L.A. area (Palos Verdes, Torrance, Hermosa, etc.) to Phoenix. Now that my environment is no longer new, I blog about family wellness as it relates to animals. Keep up the good work!

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