Yellowstone N.P.

Yellowstone N.P.

Entered via West Yellowstone and soon found this spot.


One thought on “Yellowstone N.P.

  1. When I went to Yellowstone, we entered from the Eastern Gate and drove across leaving through the Western Gate. We drove north to Butte, Montana, and then across to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on our way to Grants Pass, Oregon. It was a great trip, albeit a fast one, since we had left from Pittsburgh, Pa. and made the whole trip in 7 days. I flew home from Oregon after staying overnight and back to work…all in 9 days!!!! Since that time, I’ve done the drive twice again but never in the length of time that I could really enjoy myself and take in the true beauty of this glorious country. Always quick stops here and there along the way…The National Racing Greyhound Museum across from the Eisenhower Homestead. The Museum of the Plains Indians, the Buffalo Bill museum outside of Denver,
    a small local rodeo on Memorial Day outside of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, a small Christmas store along the McKenzie River in Oregon, herds of elk along the roadside in Oregon, buffalo in Yellowstone, wild turkeys in my own front yard outside of Pittsburgh. I need more time for another drive……

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