Space oddity, indeed: 18 talks from astronauts, including Chris Hadfield

You know, when Bowie originally released “Space Oddity”, the Apollo moon landing, Space Shuttle and International Space Station were all in the future. Just Science Fiction. Watch this and realize that now is the future. Wow.

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Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who’s become a YouTube sensation aboard the International Space Station, has showed us why tears won’t fall in space and the dangers of clipping one’s fingernails in zero gravity. But he has truly outdone himself with his latest video. Scheduled to leave the space station tonight at 7pm – and to touch down in Kazakhstan hours later — Hadfield has remade David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” (For those not up on their Bowie song titles, this is the song that starts: “Ground control to Major Tom.”) Watch it — it’s truly awe-inspiring.

At TED, we’ve had talks from explorers of the mind, charterers of the polar regions and investigators of insects. Today, we’re taking a look at talks from those who’ve seen the earth from outside its atmosphere. All of these TED, TEDx, and TED-Ed speakers are astronauts, yes, but they also have…

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One thought on “Space oddity, indeed: 18 talks from astronauts, including Chris Hadfield

  1. Wow. Makes me wonder, what are we creating mentally right now that will wow us in the future? Artificial intelligence? Google glasses? Telepathic interface with the internet? Resurrection ships?

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