Another Hike in the City Creek Area

A while back Sue and I went to an Earth Day festival at a local park. I met a guy there who told me about a really nice hike further up the City Creek drainage – a trail called “The Grove”. So today I decided to check it out.

I took a bunch of photos to give you an idea of what it was like

The area is mountainous and in the lower areas it’s grassy with scattered juniper trees:


The area is criss-crossed with single track trails like this. Here we’re looking down City Creek towards the Portneuf Valley.DSCN0949

Here’s another view back down the road toward the valley:
DSCN0937 Stitch

The junipers of course are evergreen, but spring is just starting to show here in the higher altitudes, with a few wildflowers and deciduous trees just starting to show buds and leaves. Here’s some wildflowers I found:

Here’s looking up the canyon – getting green, but still not a lot of leaves.
DSCN0980 Stitch

I was paid a visit from this butterfly, who was kind enough to stay still long enough for me to get a picutre:

I was told that “The Grove” from which the trail takes its name, is an aspen grove, I didn’t see many aspen, but I saw quite a few maples, as well as a variety of other trees.

Here’s a look back down the valley towards home:

This was as far as I got before I had to turn around and go home. However, with all the miles of trails up here, I’m sure I’ll be back!

On the way back, I took this panorama of the road home.
DSCN0998 Stitch

So that’s it – I had a great time and hope you enjoy this post!


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